Sweater weather has arrived-- but comfy cardigans are not the only staple of fall fashion this year. Our Kara Jeffers talked with a few fashion experts in the area to find out what's hot as the weather turns cool.

"So for the 2023 fall season there is going to be a lot of fall colors including burnt sage and olive green." said Alayna Moorhead, a senior in fashion merchandising at Mercyhurst University. Several other local boutique owners confirmed that green is the color of the year when it comes to fall.

"There's going to be a lot of tall knee high boots, flouncy skirts," said Moorhead. "There's also a lot of denim on denim and last but not least, a great pattern plaid."

For the adventurous, Moorhead also noted she's seen gloves paired with special event outfits and people pairing graphic tees with tulle skirts.

And, just like boy bands are making come backs as middle-aged men bands-- so are clothes swinging back to the 90s.

"It does have a nod to the 90s a bit," said Sara Kim, owner of Lollie & Co. in Millcreek. "So all my friends with the flared denim, you had the chunky cable knit sweater, its back."

Breanna Miller, owner of Burnt Sage Boutique based in Waterford, says shackets are still selling along with colored denim and textures.

For those on a budget...

"Tights are great for fall as well, especially to interchange your summer wardrobe into a fall wardrobe."

Runways still hold sway over season to season trends-- it's the challenge of local shops to balance the new with the timeless.

"We really look and we say 'would this be affordable for something I'm going to wear for two events' or is this something I would pay because I'm going to wear it for two years," said Kim.

For anyone sprucing their fall fashion, take chances and don't be afraid to adapt!

"I definitely would look on social media for inspiration, and don't be afraid to try something new," said Moorhead.