The ANNA Shelter, along with Officer Duckett, rescued a young Italian Mastiff that was found in critical condition on Sunday. 

The shelter said the received a call on Saturday about a dog who was removed from a home earlier that morning. The caller told the shelter the dog was in critical condition and needed medical care. 

However, after contacting the caller several times, they told the ANNA Shelter that they had given the dog to someone else. 

According to the Shelter, the dog had changed hands three times in 28 hours and none of them were into the hands of a veterinarian. 

The young male Italian Mastiff's body was in shock. According to the ANNA Shelter, his organs were eating themselves, and he was in starvation mode. 

As of Sunday, the young dog is resting comfortably and eager to eat a small meal of prescription diet food. The shelter things there will be lifelong issues due to the severity of his condition. 

Officer Duckett is actively working on this case.