No doubt, Lake Erie is a haven for people who fish, at just about every season. There's an Erie County business full of anglers. Their job involves helping supply those who fish with the newest and best gear, for here, and all over the world. 

The company goes by the phrase: America's Tackle Shop. Where you can find everything from fishing gear, including small specific items, to clothing for the outdoor sport, along with everything else you need to succeed for reeling in just about any type of fish species. 

"We carry everything from ice fishing to trout fishing, fly fishing, salmon, and steelhead and walleye, muskie," said Dan Pastore, FishUSA President. "We really cover the whole game fishing." 

Dan Pastore is the president of FishUSA. Pastore says he's been fishing for decades.

Pastore started a fishing website in 1997 called Fish Erie. The site parlayed into what is now a growing online and retail location located along West Ridge Road in Fairview. 

The building houses the offices, the pro shop, and a spacious warehouse where orders are received and prepared for shipping, usually in the same day.

FishUSA offers 50,000 items and nearly 42,000 are located in the Fairview warehouse, available for customers.

Customers like competitive fisherman Russell Gallucci who drives in from West Moreland County to fish in Lake Erie. 

"I've been coming here as long as they've been in business here," said Gallucci. 

That's since 2014 at the current location, which is the 5th spot for the company, a business that started in Dan's garage in the year 2000.

"We were packing boxes on an old work bench. My wife was driving them to the Fairview post office to drop them off," said Pastore. 

Demand has driven the company. Director of merchandising Doug Straub says the focus is keeping things in stock and staying with trends.

"We have a tremendous team that's always looking for new products," said Straub. "Our buyers do a tremendous job scouring social media, working with our vendors, and getting new products in here." 

A live chat option about products is available on the website.

"The other thing we have is tons of analytics and data looking at the way people shop, looking at what they browse and what they don't browse," said Aaron Gast, Director of Marketing. "Trying to make things more attractive for anglers to shop." 

Director of Marketing Aaron Gast also says FishUSA is growing a YouTube channel as an educational tool.

But the grassroots of the business, supplying products to the people so they can have an enjoyable time near the water.