ALBANY, NY (Erie News Now)-- Gov. Kathy Hochul recently signed legislation intending to protect New Yorkers personal accounts in the workplace. 

The new law will prohibit employers from requiring or requesting employees and applicant's personal account information as a condition of hiring, employment or use of disciplinary action.

Some New York State lawmakers said this type of request from an employer can lead to issues of unfair and discriminatory hiring and admissions practices. 

“It’s really absurd for any employer to think that they have a right to thank kind of information,” said Assembly Member Jeffrey Dinowitz (D-Assembly District 81).

The law will apply to email accounts, social media websites such as X, formally known as Twitter, Facebook, and other personal accounts.  

Assembly Member Dinowitz said this new law can be beneficial for employers as well. 

“I think it’s good for business. I’ll put it very simply, a happy worker is a good worker,” he said. 

The legislation will take effect in March, 180 days after it's signing.