Dr. Bill Morosky has worked out of the same dental office on West 12th in Erie for nearly thirty years.
He's won countless swimming titles and was a yearly participant in the popular Quad Games.

Dr. Bill is a U.S. Navy Veteran, Dental Corps, and he served from 1982 to 1986.

"So, I got my acceptance from the University of Pittsburgh Dental School, and I just ran down to the recruiter because at the time, at any time, dental school is and expense and I thought this might work out," said Dr. Bill. 

He just went to the local recruiting office and signed up.

"The Executive Officer told me, he said I've never told this to anybody, but he said 'Morosky, you belong in the Navy.' And I thought you know maybe he is right," said Morosky. 

What he experienced taking care of military personnel has carried over to his local practice.

"You knew that you had their back and they had your back and that feeling is a wonderful thing," said Dr. Bill. "You sleep well, you wake up and you know get up and over to where the action is. Where you're taking someone that's not in good dental health, and you put them in goo dental health and teach them how to maintain it." 

He was one of the top swimmers during a thirty-year run of participating in the Quad Games.

his office walls are lined with quad artwork by Mark Bowen.

"There was one year where I took 6th overall in bike, and I was as happy, if not happier, doing that well in the bike against these guys, then I was winning the swim," said Dr. Morosky. 

There are reminders inside his office and just outside of his practice of what the Navy means to him. 

"There's a security of confidence that I might not of have if I hadn't been exposed to the uniform," said Dr. Bill. 

Dr. Morosky currently serves as an assistant swim coach at Cathedral Prep.

Bill Morosky, thank you for your service.