Warren County is facing a drought in candidates for the General Election.

According to officials, the number of individuals running for municipality and county positions in Warren has dropped dramatically.

Constable positions in 11 townships are currently open with no one listed on the ballots. Two-, four- and six-year Auditor positions are also open in 20 townships. Many other positions including Township Supervisors, School Board Members, and Borough Council Members remain blank with only days left until the election.

Erie News Now was able to catch up with several elected officials to get their opinion on the state of the upcoming election.

“We have some forty plus races where there is no one running," said Ben Kafferlin, Chairman of the Board of Elections. "There are vacancies. From my perspective, I am looking at the vitality of Warren County and its municipalities and thinking, people are not stepping up to be Auditors, Supervisors, or Constables. What is the future going to look like for Warren County?”

"We need people to step up and fill those roles, so they can help out with their communities," stated Phil Gilbert, City of Warren Council Member. "It's the people in those communities that know what those communities need. So, if you don’t have people in those seats, what are they going to do? We really need people to step up and help out.”

Per officials, signing up to become an elected official is actually a simple process.

Anyone interested in getting their name on the ballot can stop by the Elections Department at the Warren County Courthouse for information and assistance. The Elections Department also offer workshops throughout the year for interested candidates.

The current General Election will be held on Tuesday, November 7th.