The upcoming winter months are the busiest at many car washes. But one that recently opened in Erie County aimed at having customers enjoy every visit, no matter the season.

And while you pay for a wash, there's a lot of free incentives.

Mod-Wash is the subject of this week's Giving You the Business report sponsored by the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership.

A light show and a car wash, all at one time. Really an experience. That's what Mod-Wash is described as.

The company's symbol is a water droplet to show the business can make a ripple effect in the community.

"We like to make a difference in somebody's day," said Stephen Foor, General Manager. "By a simple wave, by a simple smile and just about the experience they're gonna have here."

There's always team members on site to get you through the process, and showcase positive reinforcement.

In just three years, the Tennessee based company is adding more locations, especially around the east coast, including this region.

Erie County resident Stephen Foor is the general manager of the West 26th street location in Millcreek.

"We do have one on Buffalo Road, we have this one existing now, Meadville's going to open in December, Ashtabula opened in 2022," said Foor. "We're growing fast."

After a vehicle gets cleaned on the outside, there's 18 bays available to clean the inside. Including a free machine to wash and dry mats.

After you wash and dry your mats for free, you can take your mats over, and use the mat holder to clip the mat. There's also a claw with a great suction, along with a crevice cleaner that will take just about any crumb from your vehicle, an air compressor is also offered, and again for free, along with glass cleaner.

Need a towel? There's complimentary microfiber ones to use while on site. 

"Not much free in the world today," said Anthony Phillips, Customer. "So, it allows me to detail my car and take my grand old time. And get everything I need to get "

Mod-Wash memberships are also available at different prices, team members can help with that, too. 

There's even a bug prep station available before a wash.

Mod-Wash is open all year round. Erie News Now was told the winter is the busiest season