Our weekly series, Remembering Our Veterans, continues with the story of Vietnam veteran Bob Peterson. 

A 1964 graduate of Strong Vincent High School and Penn State University, Bob Peterson comes from a family of military heroes.

Peterson arrived in Vietnam in 1969, serving as an MP in the U.S. Army. 53 years after departing, he's still conflicting over a few issues.

"58,000 American lives, in all the Vietnam suffering, they suffered worse than we did," said Peterson. "It's extremely tragic. So, I have a tinge of pride about it, but also - I wouldn't say guilt but - maybe guilt."

His father served in World War II and received a Purple Heart. His grandfather was in World War I.

"He was wounded, I saw shrapnel wounds in that, and he almost died of some kind of fever he caught," said Peterson. "He got back here in May of '45." 

Before he left for Vietnam, Bob Peterson thought briefly about other options, but knew he had to look his dad in the eye.

"As far as looking at him and seeing what a disappointment it would be," said Peterson. "You know my grandfather was a World War I veteran in France so, I really couldn't let those guys down. I had to do my thing here, and I did. After it was all over, I said I was glad I did it but I wouldn't want to do it again. In the days after that he said I know how you felt and your mother missed you." 

To the entire Peterson family, thank you for your service.