A Warren County native is set to make a return appearance on Jeopardy! for the Champions Wildcard Tournament.
Wednesday, November 15th will mark the second time Kit Sekelsky has traveled to Culver City.

Sekelsky, a graphic designer who now resides in Ohio, appeared on Jeopardy! in June of 2021, playing in four games and winning over $35,000.00.

Erie New Now was able to catch up with Kit and discuss what it was like to be selected to appear on Jeopardy, not once, but twice.

“Last time I spent many more months preparing, so I was more mentally calm. Whereas this time it was kind of a whirlwind between getting the call and going back on," said Kit Sekelsky, Jeopardy! contestant. "Also, another big difference was last time there wasn’t a studio audience and this time there was. The first time it felt a little bit like a practice. This time I was fully aware the whole time that this was the real deal.”

Kit advises anyone with Jeopardy aspirations to join a trivia team and to practice by creating their own trivia questions.

Her episode will be airing on Wednesday November 15th at 7:30pm on CBS.