The Erie United Methodist Alliance kicking off their 12th season of Our Neighbors' Place at the Mental Health Association by transforming it into an overflow shelter for some of the homeless population in Erie.

The shelter held nearly 40 people and provided them with an opportunity to sleep in a warm bed.

Erie United Methodist Alliance CEO Kurt Crays said every two weeks they move to a new location.

"Thankfully most of those locations have showers and a place for people to get drinks, food and safety as well," Crays said.

A warm meal as well as hygiene facilities and other accommodations were available for the guests, something Erie resident Greg Davidson is thankful for.

"I really enjoy the idea that there is a place to go to and not have to be outside in the cold," Davidson said.

The work of the project could not be done without the help of the volunteers who just simply want to assist Erie in beating its homelessness problem at no cost at all.

"We would not be able to provide 38 beds of safety of sleep tonight without volunteers," Crays said.

"We are helping those that are less fortunate than we are and some of us are just driven to do that and be a help to those that need it," volunteer Mary Ellen Lieb said.

Events like these lead Crays to believe that everyone in Erie can find housing for themselves.

"The crisis that is homelessness in our community can be solved by moving people from homelessness into a permanent home of their own," Crays said.