After over 12 hours of hard work Wednesday from volunteers and employees alike, the Second Harvest Foot Bank of Northwest Pennsylvania released the final tally for amount of money donated, pounds of food donated, and amount of turkeys donated. 

This year, the nonprofit raised $44,195.55, received 29,613 pounds of food, and 569 turkeys and hams. 

This is up from last year's final numbers of $41,790.21 and 24104 pounds of food.

While this year's food drive set no record for pounds of food - ranking 8th according to our records, which go back to 2014 - it did come in 3rd for amount of money donated, after 2020 and 2021.

Of the nine locations people could donate, Erie ranked first in both food and monetary donations with 11908 pounds of food, and $20049. 

Warren came in second with 4137 pounds and $9488.50. Meadville ranked third with 3433 pounds, and $7360. 

"There was a steady line of cars coming last night, which is very humbling to me," said Karen Seggi, CEO of the Second Harvest Food Bank.

"I just love the generosity of our community. People really are good. They want to help their neighbors and what a better time to do it than over the Thanksgiving season. This is the time to be thankful and to help those in need."

The full of past food drive records since 2014 goes as follows:

2023: $44,195.55 | 29,613 lbs. of food

2022: $41,790.21 | 24,104 lbs. of food

2021: $56,682 | 32,472 lbs. of food

2020: $67,161 | 30,387 lbs. of food

2019: 43,412 | 41,112 lbs. of food

2018: $41,355 | 38,444 lbs. of food

2017: $40,035 | 33,195 lbs. of food

2016: $37,383 | 31,614 lbs. of food

2015: $39,670 | 36,937 lbs. of food

2014: $36,770 | 26,011 lbs. of food