Two acts of vandalism committed this week at Biletnikoff Field, a car driving on the field and a soccer goal being flipped over.

State Representative Pat Harkins learned about the news as he returned from Harrisburg and was informed that the incident happened Wednesday evening.

Late Thursday afternoon, Harkins and I put the goal back in place.

"This probably happened around 8 p.m. Wednesday night, probably some younger kids that were horsing around but we have to put in place the steps right now so that these things do not happen and nothing gets damaged," Harkins said.

A step that Harkins believes can be taken is implementing more security and visibility around the field especially at night.

"The conduits are in place, the structure is there with the light poles and I think they could do it in a couple of days if they have the right people do it," he said.

Even having to take the extra security measures is something that disappoints Harkins.

"It should not be this way, this should be a neighborhood asset that people use, respect and leave it the way they found it," he said.