For the big turkey dinner and holiday, people are preparing to make trips to celebrate with friends and family. Owen Trexler is one of them. He’s making a six hour drive to Redding, PA. 

“I'm probably going to leave the night before Thanksgiving with my son. I travel there a few times a year. . . the interstate might be a little more crowded, but I'll have some caffeine and I'll be fine. Buzz right through it .. . .   there are some certain family members that I haven't seen in a long time that are going to be there; so yeah, I am looking forward to it,” Trexler said. 

AAA predicts 1.5 million people in PA to travel by car, and the busiest time is Wednesday right before Thanksgiving.  

“So the day before Thanksgiving, and specifically between two to 6 p.m. because most people, you know, leave work early and then they hop on the road. So our best piece of advice, if you're heading out on the road, leave as early as possible,” Tiffany Stanley, Spokesperson with AAA East Central said. 

If you're driving, AAA recommends making sure that your car is in proper running condition.

“We are expected to rescue about 360,000 Americans over the Thanksgiving holiday, and so we obviously want you to be spending time with your friends and family. So we urge everyone to get your car inspected, make sure you pay close attention to your battery, your tires, your engine and all your fluid levels,” Stanley said.  

AAA also expects air travel to be up 7 % in PA from last year. So if you're taking a flight, preparation might help traveling go smoothly.  

“So you'll want to be sure to download your airlines and make sure that you opt in for those text message updates that way you are always alerted to when there's any changes to your flight hours. . . Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. That way you're not rushing trying to make your flight or you know, you're not rushing trying to get to your destination,” Stanley said.