Businesses including Mason Farms on Peninsula Dr. are looking forward to this weekend's Small Business Saturday.

The farm-to-shop business has been operating for more than 40 years.

Owner John Mason shared because Mason Farms operates as both the manufacturer and retailer, some of the struggles businesses are facing have hit them double.

The seasons keep coming, though, and right now the shop is preparing for Christmas.

They unloaded a truckload of live Christmas trees on Friday, and inside, the store has plenty of decor ready for sale.

Mason says days like Small Business Saturday are important.

"It's great to get out there and just support your local businesses," said John Mason, owner of Mason Farms. "Your local businesses still drive the economy. Your big businesses are great and are great stores to go to and stuff. But in tough times, the local businesses are the ones that put you through, and you really got to visit them and appreciate what they have."

Christmas ornaments are part of Mason Farm's Small Business Saturday deal. You can get 10 percent off an ornament this weekend.