Seven years ago, a man came from another country to Erie, he married, started a family...and just a few years ago, a new business.

If you live by the phrase 'there's no place like home,' there's an Erie County-based business that wants to make yours just how you want it. Custom orders have a crew working to make the right fit.

"Time is really important," said Ivan. 

Ivan Voitik keeps that in mind. He's the owner of Nova Cabinets, Countertops, and Floors located on West 17th Street in Millcreek.

The showroom offers variety, from flooring samples to different cabinet options of hues and styles. The countertops Nova offers: quartz, granite, and marble to both commercial and residential customers.

How to best maintain countertops?

Well, that's a question that the company often gets, so they created the NOVA Care Kit. It's a kit that not only has information but also actual products that customers can use to clean countertops safely.

Technology in the back portion of the building helps fabricate the items. They are meticulously crafted by several of the 10 total company employees after the in-house designs are done and given the OK.

From templates to installation, it takes 5 to 7 business days.

What's more, Nova also offers shower panels and sink options for homes and other businesses.

All at the hands of this businessman originally from the Eastern European country of Moldova, and now living the American Dream.

A dad, husband, and Erie County resident hoping to provide the finished look to others.

The company works with builders—or can do the job from design to installation.

The owner is hoping to grow the business and is currently hiring.