Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, meaning roads will soon be full, not only with travelers but with truckers.

While most people sit down for special meals with their families, truckers will be on the road, delivering all the food and packages that make the season so special.
"If you have it, we brought it," said Trucker Nate Weimer . "It is probably one of the most important jobs that people just don't think about. We get all of the road rage and none of the respect."
The former chef turned trucker says it's hard job - even harder when he's working on holidays, missing his family, just to make a living. 
"Especially in this economy now, the longer I stay on the road, the better off I am, but also the worse off I am," he explained, saying missing family time is a steep price to pay for an income. 
It's a tough choice, but thousands of truckers make it daily.
Their sacrifice keeps their trucks -- and the country -- moving. 
"Country would go dry," said Arthur Spokes, a traveler visiting Erie en route to Indiana. "We wouldn't be able to eat or nothing."
So as you hit the road this holiday season, truckers have a simple request: patience.
Even if you're a little late for Thanksgiving dinner, your day is spent with family, not in a truck. 
"Just be courteous to us on the road," Weimer said. "Make sure to give us some room. That's about it."
AAA expects 55 million Americans to travel 50 miles or more for Thanksgiving.
If you're driving, AAA says Wednesday is by far the worst day, with trips slowed 11 percent on average and up to 80 percent in major metro areas.