There has been a notable increase in reported brush and wildland fires across Warren County this season.

As temperatures drop and foliage dries out, residents are being urged to exercise extreme caution and adhere to safety guidelines.

Over the past week, our region witnessed yet another instance of a reported brush fire, which occurred on private property in Warren.
Local authorities acted promptly to address the situation, emphasizing the importance of fire safety for all residents.

"It’s always important to maintain your campfires, make sure they are cool before you leave," said Calvin Bernal, US Forest Service Assistant Engine Captain for the Allegheny National Forest. "If you have any questions about that, you can always stop into the Forest Service offices."

As wildland fires continue to increase in our area, representatives from the United States Forest Service are urging everyone to remain vigilant.

Dry weather conditions heighten the risk of fire; therefore, it is critical for everyone to take proactive measures to prevent wildfires.