In Erie, there is a name synonymous with hot dogs...Smith's Hot Dogs.

People can go into the Cranberry Street facility to buy cases of them, or smaller packs at just about any local grocer. The parent company, Smith Provision, has a long history here.

Erie News Now has a rare, behind-the-scenes look inside the production facility to check out the other meats made and the people who make it happen.

Bacon production is quite a process as employees remain sanitary, suited up, and warm in cold conditions to produce this and all the other products at Smith Provision.

"We strive for perfection," said Sara Kallner. "We're making food. We're selling a premium product."

There's a name to uphold. Sara Kallner is not part of the Smith family that started the business in 1927 but she is part of the Weber family that bought. 

"William Smith was the founder of Smith Provision until my great grandfather and grandfather Max and Anton Weber purchased the business in 1949," said Sara. 

At that time, it was a small retail butcher shop, which has now evolved into a full-service meat processing manufacturer.

Smith Provision makes all sorts of sausages and deli meats, and the flagship product: natural casing hot dogs.

The whole operation is done at the hands of about 60 employees Many, like Keith Yost, who has stayed for more than 20 years and experienced different departments.

He's had family also work at Smith's, and that's not uncommon.

"I have a brother and a sister-in-law who works here and a nephew," said Donna Wheeler. 

Donna Wheeler says she spread the word within her family of this family business.

Helping provide family-sustaining jobs as other families near and far enjoy the food of their choosing.

Among all the Smith's products is a new one that is debuting this holiday season. It is a Celebration Carving Ham.

But it doesn't have to be enjoyed just locally.

This or any of the Smith's products can be shipped anywhere across the us. All at the hands of vested employees whose company wants to make sure every customer's purchase is perfect

Roughly 20 million natural casing hot dog links are made per year. Along with being in local stores, they are served up at SeaWolves games in Erie, and also in Pittsburgh, at home Steelers and Penguins games.