A blast of cold pressure, meant to soothe and relieve sore muscles in a targeted area. It's just one of the services offered at TriCryo in Millcreek.

Erie County native Anne Maleno is the owner. She's a firm believer in cold therapy.

"It reduced my inflammation," said Anne. "I was able to exercise more, I had more energy."

Maleno opened the business with other amenities inside, like red light therapy.

It's in a separate room, just like a sauna, with space for up to three people. These tools cater to a variety of client needs.

"100% inflammation. Literally, I hear inflammation, arthritis, shoulder pain, knee pain," said Joyce. 

Joyce Szymanowski not only works there, she utilizes the services herself, including facials.

The biggest driver here at TriCryo is the cryo chamber. It helps with anything from inflammation to mood. It's negative 166 degrees in the chamber. They tell you to expose as much skin as possible for the full effect.

"It's a full-body chamber," said Anne. "You can be in there for one to three minutes with different fan speeds to create a windchill factor for an even colder experience."

However, it's not for everyone, especially those with pre-existing conditions.

"We want to be sure everyone clears it with their doctor first," said Joyce. 

That includes people of all ages.

"Our youngest client is 15 and our oldest client is in their 70s," said Anne. 

The staff is trained on all the equipment, including compression therapy sleeves for hips, and for legs
all to maintain circulation, reduce muscle soreness and aid recovery of any injuries.

"We want to be able to educate everybody. When someone comes in and says they are looking to do this-- we have this issue, we want to be able to give them solutions," said Joyce.

TriCryo offers packages for one or all the services, while saying "For relief of longtime inflammation, give it a chance, one step at a time." 

"That inflammation took a long time to get there so its gonna take a little bit to decrease as well," said Anne.