An Erie County man has used his schooling in electronics to help others get their beloved devices working properly. He's made a career out of it.

Erie News Now takes you inside the local business he runs to find out how it's helping gamers, smartphone users, and others in need of repairs.

"They're very delicate," said David. "And I betcha we do 40 a month."

David Sheridan should know. He's a technician at CPR Erie, it stands for Cell Phone Repair. But the work inside stretches far beyond phones.

"We repair cell phones, tablets, game systems, anything electronic basically," said Jeremy. 

Manager Jeremy Bollinger opened the business 12 years ago. It's located off Rotunda Drive off Peach Street in Erie County.

The local store is part of a franchise. He tells me they also buy back devices and refurbish them too.

"Mostly cell phones and some computers, gaming systems," said Jeremy. 

The buybacks of the newer devices mean on-the-spot cash.

They also repair drones at CPR. The four-person staff is busy as they provide data transfers between phones. But the bulk of the business is fixing cracked or broken screens. That's why CPR offers insurance for $8 dollars a month.

"It's not cheap to get your cell phone fixed," said Jeremy. "It's nice to have that deductible, come in, get your phone fixed for a lower cost."

And when it comes to the best advice this longtime tech expert can give on maintaining your devices:

"Get a screen protector, get a case," said Jeremy. "Those are the two most important things you can have on your phone."

And yes, there's screen protectors and cases sold there. CPR Erie is open five days a week. It's one of 400 such stores around the U.S.