WASHINGTON, D.C. -- With a new year comes new goals and resolutions. At our nation’s Capitol, there’s certainly no shortage of tasks and issues to be resolved. 

Rep. Mike Kelly (R- PA) recently sat down with Erie News Now to discuss his priorities for 2024, like keeping a close eye on spending and making it easier for families and businesses to prosper. 

“The biggest disappointment is when we develop legislation that actually makes it harder for people to get through, and understanding that every single penny we spend was provided by a hardworking American taxpayer. And what we don't get from our taxpayers, we borrow and our taxpayers are responsible for funding that debt,” said Kelly. 

Kelly says the $33.9 trillion national debt should be alarming to everybody. 

“It's a huge problem,” said Kelly. 

At the same time, Kelly stressed the importance of national defense during uncertain times abroad. Earlier this month, Kelly supported the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act, which he says provides the largest pay raise for military service members in 20 years. 

As the Israel-Hamas war rages on, Kelly wants to make sure Americans are safe in 2024, regardless of their religion. 

“There's no excuse for antisemitism. There's no excuse to go after any religion, not in the United States,” said Kelly. 

In 2023, Kelly has been outspoken about securing the northern border. 

“The southern border, you’ve got to come across a river. The northern border, you’ve just got to take one step. There's no lines drawn, there's no fence. There's nothing,” said Kelly during a Congressional hearing on northern border security in November. 

In 2024, Kelly plans to continue advocating for additional personnel and resources in his role as Co-Chair of the Northern Border Security Caucus.