More than 50 years, combined. That's what the owners of a now two-year-old school say they bring to their business. They share a special bond, and are creating a special experience for their students.

We take you inside to check out what they also offer to the public.

Blow drying hair and hair washing are common scenes at a cosmetology school, either on mannequins or actual people. But this place couples training and the longtime bond fostered, between a teacher and her now grown student.

"I was 15 years old and I always said God put her in my life," said Kayla Noonan. 

Kayla Noonan is talking about Dianna Noe. The duo opened the Noe Noonan School of Cosmetology on West Ridge Road in Erie County, after almost 20 years of working together and teaching hundreds of students.

"One day Kayla and I were teaching together and I walked into her office and I said, Kayla, you and I should open up a cosmetology school together," said Dianna Noe. "To just level up our industry, and it didn't take her any time at all, and she's like absolutely, that's what we're supposed to do."

They have created a space where 12 instructors get students industry-ready through several different programs. Cosmetology being the longest: 9 months.

"That encompasses nails and skin and hair, so it's everything. When you come out as a cosmetologist, you can do all of the above," said Kayla. 

There's also a six-week nail program, an esthetician program focusing on skin care, and a 15-week teacher program.

"If we are struggling with anything, our teachers are very much like, if you need help or anything, they will have us come in early or stay late," said Katie Cook, current student. 

Not only is this a school, but it's open to the public. Where people come in and they can utilize the services offered from haircare to skincare and at a reduced rate, knowing the students are in training.

Noe Noonan also brings in national educators to help train. Graduate Tara Jackson-Says the time has been priceless.

"Being confident in your abilities," said Tara. "Being confident in speaking with people and being able to give the best quality work whoever you're working on."

And communication is taught in other ways.

"Every day when the students come in, they write a thank you to someone in their life," said Kayla. "And when they do that, it makes such an impact on the person they're writing to."

A life lesson for the school's well rounded students. 

"We are helping people that come to school here, to have a career to help take care of them and their families for the rest of their lives," said Dianna. 

One beauty experience at a time.