After a seagull was found frozen to the icy pavement near the edge of Dobbin's Landing on Erie's Bayfront, several rescuers rallied to save the bird from a potential cold-related death. 

"Erie News Now posted that there was bad weather and a frozen seagull, frozen to the ground," said Kim Stolar, who helped to rescue the seagull after an Erie News Now Facebook Live.

"Me, being an animal lover, I run down here with warm water and a blanket, and we were able to pluck him off the ice with some warm water and a shovel. I got a little bit [bitten] in the face, as you can probably tell, but we're going to take this little guy down to the ANNA Shelter and get him treated...I'm happy, it was worth getting a little bit mauled for a second, but he seems snappy and happy to be off the ground."

While the gull, who was nicknamed "Snappy," was originally taken to the ANNA Shelter, the bird has now been transferred to the Tamarack Wildlife Center in Saegertown for rehabilitation. 

Erie News Now will continue to update this story as it develops.