WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Congress has approved a short-term spending measure to avoid a partial government shutdown.  

The first of two deadlines to avoid a shutdown was tomorrow at midnight. A winter storm, expected to hit Washington on Friday, accelerated lawmakers to get the deal done today. The Senate passed the continuing resolution, or “stop-gap’ measure this afternoon. The House raced to approve the Senate’s just before 5 p.m. Thursday evening. 

The majority party in the House was split on the vote. Over 100 Republicans voted against the short-term funding bill and said their opposition stems from a failure to address the southern border. 

Rep. Mike Kelly (R- PA) voted in favor of the continuing resolution.

"Securing the border helps everyone, but shutting down the government to do that hurts everyone. It’s a false narrative. We will continue working to secure the border. We are also working on a long-term budget deal. This CR allows us to do both," said Rep. Kelly Thursday evening on X, formerly Twitter.

The short-term funding bill pushes the new deadlines to early March.