During cold conditions like we are experiencing now, broken or burst water pipes, are not rare.

While it is not fun to have that happen, there are crews ready to help. Just like one with a local footprint-- that extends all over the nation.

From ceilings to the studs, and so many other projects. BluSky Restoration is a national company with a local presence.

"Everybody we have on our team is from our area," said James Wiard, Project Director. "We live in Erie, we live in Waterford, we live in Meadville, we live in Edinboro."

The company office is in Edinboro, its one of more than 60 in the nation. 

BluSky services people locally but also within a two hour radius going into New York and Ohio.

So what is the extent of services offered?

"Fire damage, damage from water, flooding, and then also we have the environmental component, which is mold, asbestos abatement," said Wiard. 

BluSky also does insurance repairs, roofing, and has a focus on working with health care facilities dealing with damage.

If there is ever a catastrophic event, BluSky is prepared. 

"We bring in semi trucks of equipment to help facilitate that," Wiard. "We have about 45 of those nationally ready to be deployed at a moments notice."

But the daily focus, is what's around the corner. Erie News Now captured a crew, days into a water pipe break in an apartment. It's work often done when temperatures dip. 

"I will go out and meet with them in person, walk whatever it is with them, whether fire loss, water. They want us to look at mold or asbestos or just a construction project," said Wiard. "I'll go meet out on site and make sure I understand the details." 

Estimates are free, and working to find a solution is the goal.

"At the end of the day, its about taking care of the people in our community," said Wiard.