The City of Meadville has a new way to pay for your parking, through the app Meter EZ.

If you've parked in downtown Erie, it's likely something you'll recognize.

The app simply adds another method to pay for your parking than simply using a traditional quarter. 

But the newly adopted payment method has caused some anger and confusion among some Facebook users

"The true intent is just to make it easier for folks to park," said Maryann Mennano, City Manager of Meadville.

"Again, if you don't have quarters, if you forgot quarters, you can just pull up your app you have money in the wallet ready to use and ready to park...just give it a chance. Once you get it going, the app up and running and everything put it into the system, it's really easy to use and really convenient."

There is a fee for you to park when you use the app; depending on where, when, and what payment method you use when you park, it can range from 20 ¢ to 50 ¢, but if you'd like to avoid those fees, you can simply pay using quarters.