As the countdown to the Super Bowl continues, this year, there may be a new group of fans watching at home - Swifites. 

The Taylor Swift fanbase will likely be tuning in not just to catch a glimpse of their favorite artist, but root for her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, as well.

But how has Swift's presence impacted the NFL's viewing audience?

"I definitely think it's impacted the NFL by bringing in young female fans, or even older female fans as well," said Katie Jones, School Director at the World of Music on W. 26th St., and a Taylor Swift fan. "A lot of people I know that didn't watch the NFL are now watching it just to see Taylor and their reactions together before and after the game."

But why does Jones feel Swift gets so much more hate than other artists, celebrities, and halftime performers?

"I would say Taylor has a direct influence on the NFL now, since she's dating an NFL player," continued Jones. "Whereas the Super Bowl halftime show is literally just there to perform and then they leave. So I would say fans who are there to watch the halftime performers, they probably just do the same thing, just watch the halftime and then turn it off."

Swift also won the Album of the Year award at the Grammys Sunday night, and announced a new album "The Tortured Poets Department," set to release on April 19th.