The Erie Chapter of 100 Black Men launched new programs to help young men in Erie's Public Schools.

The organization announced on Tuesday, new partnerships with Erie's Public Schools and Erie Sports Center.

Organizers said that people need to focus less on disciplining and more on mentoring young men. They said this should happen at a young age like in middle school or high school. This new partnership with Erie's Public Schools will allow students to be mentored in the classroom with representatives from 100 Black Men.

The young men will be able to meet regularly with their mentors as a way to continue to build better relations between one another.

Ken Nickson, the Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion and Belonging for Erie's Public Schools explained, "These mentors will come into our building speak typically with 10 students at a time, rotate on a quarterly basis going over character be about it and the four pillars of the 100 Black Men and really infuse and shift some of that mindset that's there."

These programs will also provide support to students on and off the field as well.

As Troy Bingham, the owner of Erie Sports Center explained, "Having 100 Black Men come alongside us and help us with mentoring and supporting them mentally and supporting them socially and helping us with giving us direction and support off the field is really important for us."

Marcus Atkinson, the President of 100 Black Men also said, "The communities depend upon those that have been the recipients of the good will of the community and to go around and give back and so that to me is reason alone to not just come on board as a mentee, so you can learn all the things that have been passed down, but from a mentor stand point, there's a moral obligation that comes along with being a part of this village."

The mentorship program is happening in middle schools in the Erie School District but they hope to expand it in high schools soon.