WASHINGTON, D.C. - Soon after a bipartisan group of Senators released the much-anticipated border bill which includes aid for Ukraine, the Indo-Pacific and Israel, it’s now looking like the bill is already dead in the Senate. A handful of GOP Senators said they’re opposed to supporting the measure.  

Most Republicans, particularly in the Senate, have been adamant that they didn’t want to send additional aid to Ukraine unless there were changes to our border policy. Right after the 118-billion dollar bill’s text was released, it quickly started to fall apart. While both sides have said they didn’t get everything they wanted, the bill would’ve accomplished a lot that Republicans and Democrats were looking for. 

“There's always reason to try to be hopeful but I'm hoping when we have a vote tomorrow we will get the votes we need because it's a significant opportunity to help the Ukrainians defeat Putin, help the Israelis to beat Hamas and push back against China as well as [inaudible] to secure the border,” said Sen. Bob Casey (D- PA).  

“They should do their job and vote for border security,” said Sen. John Fetterman (D- PA) on GOP opposition to the bill. 

Democrats accuse former President Donald Trump of swaying some Republican’s decisions to oppose the measure because Trump has stated he’s against this border bill. Democrats said it’s outrageous Republicans are rejecting a bill that Republicans ultimately wanted.  

“Leader McConnell and the Republican conference did 180-degree reversal,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer (D- NY). “They were quaking at the knees of the fear of Donald Trump.” 

“In the end, even though the product was approved by the Border Council that endorsed President Trump, most of our members feel we’re not going to be able to make a law here and if we’re not going to be able to make a law, they’re reluctant to go forward,” said Sen. Mitch McConnell (R- KY). 

“It doesn’t solve the problem,” said Rep. Jack Bergman (R- MI). “It is classic Capitol Hill political theater that does not address the real core issue.” 

“This is a significant piece of legislation that deals with border security and the Republicans are rejecting it,” said Sen. Gary Peters (D- MI).  

The procedural vote in the Senate for the border bill is set for Wednesday. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson said the bill is dead on arrival in the House.