In a remarkable achievement for outdoor enthusiasts, the Trails at Jakes Rocks in Warren County have been awarded the prestigious title of Pennsylvania's Trail of the Year for 2024.

The Trails at Jakes Rocks have been in operation on U.S. Forest Service land, since 2009. It was one of the first collaborations of it’s kind between the U.S. Forest Service and local residents.

Representatives from the Trails stated that the win really solidified their initial proposal and justifications for beginning the project.

“This kind of state-wide validation really kind of brings it all together and wraps it up in a nice bow," stated James Decker, President and CEO of Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry. "It shows that yes, this was worth making the initial investment and continuing to invest, for the joy of ourselves, plus bringing people here.”

The award not only highlighted the scenic beauty of our region, but also underscored the importance of teamwork, which made the trails a reality.

“This trail system is a completely different model, it’s actually a community driven effort," said Rich Hatfield, U.S. Forest Service Bradford District Ranger.
"I think the community recognized that this was an under-utilized space on the Forest, so some local folks got together and really kind of dreamed up some plans, and the plans came into fruition.”

Everyone involved with the Trails at Jakes Rocks has stated that this win, truly was a collaborative effort.

For more information on upcoming events happening at the Trails at Jakes Rocks, visit here.