Las Vegas isn't the only place popping off for the Super Bowl - local gourmet popcorn creator Popluck is as well, with three flavors available for the big game.

"We'll have a savory one for the Kansas City Chiefs, it's called 'Chiefs n Cheddar,'" said owner Jen Minski. 

"It's like a cheddar beef sandwich with some fried onions in it. And then we have our 'It's Purdy Good' for The 49ers in honor of their quarterback. And that's a sweet popcorn and it's a cherry vanilla with some cookies and white chocolate. And then we also offer our Football Stadium Floor, which is like a sweet and salty. That's more of a neutral flavor, so if you don't want to have to select a team that you're rooting for you can still enjoy the game without choosing a team."

And right next door, at Pressed Books & Coffee, owner Tracey Bowes says they're not just prepping for the Super Bowl, but also looking ahead to the eclipse that will pass over Erie on April 8th.

"We're just thinking about getting books in that people may be interested in of course during that time," said Bowes.

"I know that there is going to be the special [eclipse] glasses available, and maybe kids can get excited by reading books about the upcoming eclipse ahead of time, so we're already starting to get in these fun books so that people can get excited."