There are many reasons spectators will be tuning in to the super bowl this weekend. Whether it be for the game itself, the halftime show, a potential Taylor Swift appearance, or the commercials, people will be watching.

Nielson expects over 100 million people to watch the super bowl on CBS this Sunday. Around 140,000 people are expected to tune in locally.

For local businesses, that's a lot of potential customers.

This year, spectators can expect to see commercials from both Yaple Vacuum Cleaner Centers and Sam Catania Painting. Both businesses have been running ads for many years on television. They have made football themed commercials for Super Bowl Sunday.

Sam Catania, the owner of Sam Catania Painting, tells us that he enjoys the challenge of filming the commercials. His goal is to show off his company in a way that is both enjoyable and memorable for those watching.

"You love us or you hate us, but you are going to remember us," said Catania.

The full commercials will be aired Sunday on CBS during the game.