There are three potential committees to be formed: one committee for legislative oversight of the Economic Development Department, one for reviewing the rules of council, and another for the revision of the purchasing code.

The committee that would oversee the council would help the hearing processes and tighten up rules of how many meetings take place before an issue is voted on. 

The committee to overview the legislation of the Economic Development Department would oversee what progress has been made and how resources have been used.

 Council member Rock Copeland said the formation of these committees would help with task delegation. 

“The idea is to break off work into smaller bites. It’s hard to do that work with a full body of seven, so you establish a committee and say we’re delegating  you to explore this area,” Copeland said. 

Chairman Terry Scutella said they're aiming to do what's best for the county.

“It’s trying to get the best out of our government. From the administration all the way down to the county council. Working together for a better Erie county for the residents of Erie County,”  Scutella said