Miracle Mountain Ranch in collaboration with the Warren County Visitors Bureau are hosting a one-of-a-kind event during the upcoming solar eclipse April 8th.

The event, called Eclipse Clop, will not only feature the once in a lifetime event of the total solar eclipse in our area, but will also showcase the lovely grounds Miracle Mountain Ranch inhabits.

Visitors to the mountain can expect a weekend filled with activities centered around the solar eclipse and the ranch’s facilities, beginning on April 7th.

“We are going to be doing a lot of our classic ranch activities," stated Josh Bridges, Camp Director at Miracle Mountain Ranch. "We are a western themed camp, so we are going to have pony rides, trail rides, cowboy campfires, and things like that. There will be multiple activities that everyone can enjoy in addition to the solar eclipse.”

With the help of the Warren County Visitors Bureau, Eclipse Clop is shaping up to be a monumental occasion.

“The eclipse is the perfect time to just stop and breathe, and what better place to do that than out on an open ranch on a mountain top," stated Casey Ferry, Executive Director of the Warren County Visitors Bureau. "Miracle Mountain Ranch has been a member of the Warren County Visitors Bureau for some time now, so this collaboration was an easy decision for us.  Their grounds are the perfect place to watch the eclipse."

“This is a special time just to stand and wonder," said Matt Cox, Executive Director of Miracle Mountain Ranch. "It's such a neat deal to be right along that line, as close as we are, to see the eclipse.”

Safety glasses will be provided for participants and tickets for the event can be purchased on Miracle Mountain Ranch’s website.