During Erie’s Night to Shine, guests were walking the red carpet, wearing fabulous outfits, and dancing. Erie's Night to Shine is one night dedicated to celebrating those with disabilities and making a fun prom experience. One guest, Karleigh Tromans, said she had a great time.

"I’m having so much fun here. . .. I like dancing with my friends, and I like when my mom takes me here," Tromans said.

Over 160 guests came to this year's Night to Shine. Assistant director of the event Luke Lecce said the event has grown over the years. 

“This is our seventh year doing it. So we’ve been doing it through covid, that was kind of more of a drive through, we’ve had diff locations, and you know, the event has grown and grown, every year. Not just from the guests, but the people who volunteer, the support and the city has really wrapped our arms around us and it’s been great,” Lecce said. 

Lecce says it's an evening not only of fun but is also uplifting and impactful.

“It’s so important, because our guests have so much light to give, and honestly, the people who volunteer for this event will be taking more than they give. It’s a special night. It's my favorite night of the year just because you get to see the different personalities  The vibrancy, you can see through the night how excited they are. . . So really just a night that’s centered on them, going to celebrate them. It’s really my favorite night and my family's favorite night of the year, and so it’s going to be a special night,” Lecce said.