Winter weather will soon be returning which is why it's important that people have the appropriate gear to stay warm.

The NWPA Pride Alliance and other non-profits teamed up for a coat and boot drive on Saturday.

Several non-profits teamed up for a coats and boots drive to donate to those in need
Alex Sphon, the President of the NWPA Pride Alliance explained, "As much as we like to think in Erie that we're out of the woods when it comes to cold weather, I think most of us know that we're not. So anytime we can get these items into the hands of those in need it's always a good time to have that."

The organization started hosting events to give back to those in need in 2020 and has seen great success from food drive, to book drives, even back to school events.

People dropped off warm winter clothing all through the day, everything from coats and boots to scarves and mittens to make sure people would stay warm through the winter months. All the donated items goes to Community Shelter Services, just a few blocks away.

Will Koehler, the Executive Director of Journey of Healing Together explained, "So that makes it convenient, but also it's just great to we deal with the mental health of the LGBTQ community and volunteering donating is a good way to beat the winter blues anyway."

Organizers also said that no matter what was donated, every little bit helps those in need. "Whether it's a tub of coffee or a scarf or a coat that's available to be given it just brings us closer together", said Koehler.

Their next big event is a food drive to benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank in the spring.