It's tax season, which is the busiest season for one local owner and his staff. Their job is a dirty job, but they do it to give cars a clean report for the road. 

Bill Whitmer is the general manager of Erie 10 Minute Oil Change featuring CASTROL, and has been with company since 2005. 

"I've been working on cars since I was a kid," said Bill.

The family-owned business is located on 26th Street in Erie.

"Yes, we get a lot of questions about that. A lot of people think we're a corporately owned location, we are not, we are a small, local family-owned location," said Joe Klapec, Owner. "My wife, in fact, does all the online marketing and handles all the customer concerns."

Joe Klapec became full owner in 2020, 20 years after his dad and dad's business partner bought the business.

The business providing drivers with a chance to stay in their vehicle and get an oil change in just minutes.

"We usually get you done in about 10 to 15 minutes with certain vehicles taking a little bit longer and other vehicles taking a little less time," said Joe. 

There are three to four people on staff a day, a lower technician greasing the fitting as part of duties. 

"Who just does pretty much pulls the drain plug, pulls the oil filter, checks all the gear boxes," said Bill. 

Then there's the upper technician, required to do everything under the hood.

"Fill your washer fluid, check your brake fluid, check your power steering fluid, if it has it. Check your air filter, check your cabin air filter," said Bill. 

And the courtesy technician who checks the pressure and cleaning windshields.

"Convenience is the key here for us," said Joe. 

Even when it's more than just dealing with the car.

"I couldn't tell you how many mice I've pulled out of engine air filter boxes," said Bill. 

It's all part of the service.