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  1. Fort LeBoeuf School Bus Accident 
  2. State Sen. Laughlin to Introduce PA Uniform Firearms Act Update for Medical Marijuana 
  3. Road Trip to Vegas: The Return 

Artificial Intelligence is starting to threaten white-collar jobs according to the Wall Street Journal

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  • Road Trip to Vegas: The Return
  • Millions of fans tuned in for the big game across the country. Several local businesses say they had a massive boost in business during the Super Bowl. 
  • There's a lot of talk about which Super Bowl ads were hits and misses. But one commercial, a political ad from Super PAC, has resulted in an apology.  

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  • This Friday President Joe Biden will travel to East Palestine, Ohio.
  • Erie County Government officials were in Washington, D.C. to take part in the National Association of Counties. 
  • February is Heart Awareness Month, a time to recognize the importance of keeping your heart healthy. 
  • A big win, thanks to a scratch-off lottery ticket that was sold in Erie County. 

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  • Students at Gannon University continued their tradition of having an opportunity to work at the Super Bowl. 
  • This Wednesday is not only Valentine's Day but it is also the start of the Lenten season.