The Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office has charged former Warren County treasurer Dennis Munksgard with indecent assault.

The misdemeanor charge was filed Thursday following an incident Dec. 13 just after 9 a.m. at the county courthouse.

The victim said she was in the basement to get paper for her office, and Munksgard, 65, started following her while she was pushing a cart to the elevator, according to the criminal complaint. Munksgard reportedly told her he "liked the view" after she had to bend over, investigators said.

The victim also accused Munksgard of asking if they could have sex in the elevator while waiting for it to arrive, court documents said. After getting in the elevator, Munksgard reportedly approached the victim from the side, wrapped his arm around he back and kissed her neck, telling the woman "she made his day," according to investigators.

She returned to her office and reported the incident to colleagues, according to the criminal complaint.

Munksgard told investigators there was an "ongoing flirtatious relationship" between the victim and himself and did not feel he acted inappropriately when he rubbed her back and kissed her on the neck, court documents said.

Security camera video showed the victim pushing a cart through the hallway with Munksgard following not far behind before stopping at the elevator, according to investigators. It also reportedly showed him following the victim into the elevator.

Munksgard served as the county treasurer until the end of 2023, which is when his term ended. He did not seek re-election.