PA Sen. Dan Laughlin is preparing to introduce legislation that would allow medical marijuana patients to carry firearms in Pennsylvania.
The Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act was passed in 2016, allowing Pennsylvanians to legally purchase medical marijuana.
However, under the state's Uniform Firearms Act, medical marijuana users can not purchase a carry license.
"We have thousands of medications that are available to folks in the state, and this one medication makes it where you aren't allowed to have a firearm," said Sen. Laughlin.  "I find that fairly egregious.  The state legalized cannabis, certainly that should fall under the same guidelines as everything else."
According to Sen. Laughlin, his new bill would clarify that medical marijuana cardholders are not considered unlawful users under state law, and would allow them to carry firearms.
"It's a pretty serious issue in our state and I thought rather than ignore the issue, basically be the ones leading the change to at least within the state," said Sen. Laughlin.  "We can't change federal laws, obviously, but at least within the state we can address this to where you can have a carry permit and a medical card, and I think that is a reasonable step."
Laughlin is also co-sponsor of Senate Bill 846, which aims to legalize adult use of marijuana.