Valentine’s Day means plenty of business for flower shops like Allburn Florist. Manager Melissa Roberts said with the expected increase in sales, they're working extra hard. 

“We've got several trucks out — way more than a normal delivery day. Our volume quadruples for Valentine's Day. So, I've got extra help in. I've got the girls working extra hours. I've got the guys working extra hours,” Roberts said.

Roberts said from roses to spring flowers, they have plenty of floral options, and there is still time to get your order in.

“I'm not at capacity for delivery. I've got plenty of trucks rolling in the next day and a half. So, if you order tomorrow, tomorrow morning, even the end of today, we're still answering the phone. We'll be happy to get that order out for you or have it ready for pick up,” Roberts said. 

While roses are a classic Valentine’s Day option, so are chocolates. 

Pulakos Manager Sara Harris said chocolate covered strawberries are a popular go-to.

"Chocolate covered strawberries here in Erie are definitely a tradition. We have customers that come in every year for them, and it's a really happy and exciting atmosphere here in the store throughout the entire day. So, we're excited to see everybody, and we’re ready” Harris said.

Harris said they're also prepared for an increase in sales.  

“It's definitely an increase in sales for us in a concentrated short period of time. So, we have a wonderful staff. It's all hands on deck, and we do what we can to get customers in and out quickly in that compressed period of time," Harris said.