An Erie County-based business is building on their foundation of helping other local companies and non-profit organizations. Just what do they do? And how have things changed from then to now?

Don and Sue Moore started Decision Associates in 1984.

"We specialize in privately held family businesses, but we work with all businesses," said Aaron. 

Aaron Phillips joined the company in 2016 and is now the president.

From big to small companies, and even non-profits and governmental agencies, the full-service consulting group is now based in Erie.

There are about 100 Decision Associates locations across the tri-state area, and they are enhancing their footprint to have more of a national footprint. 

But what does Decision Associates really do?

They help other companies make decisions about:

  • Strategic planning
  • Market research
  • Mergers and acquisitions

"Our largest practice here is called talent and organizational performance, which specializes in executive recruiting, training development, and coaching," said Aaron. 

But Aaron and the team also help family businesses with succession planning.

"So we work with organizations as they transition from generation to generation through the successions in the family," said Aaron. 

That includes everything from construction companies to manufacturing operations.

Aaron oversees a staff of 17, some virtual and some in the office, like Elizabeth Cipolla. She's the practice manager, helping to establish the direction of the firm.

Two things, she says, are what usually bring clients in:

"One is because they are experiencing some sort of pain point and need help to relieve themselves from it. But then another is that they want to proactively prevent an issue," said Cipolla. 

And there could be about 30 decisions at one time that Decision Associates are helping other businesses with.

"The trust we are able to develop with our clients it's transformative," said Aaron. "It means a great deal to us as a team because we become part of them. I've had clients say to us, Aaron, you're part of our family."

And that is a priceless bond.

The company started in a house in North East - the current location is the fourth one - as the push to help more local businesses and national ones too, continues in this 40th year.