Metal has been a lifeblood for an Erie County family for decades. And now, metal creations are really ramping up for the man behind a Summit Township business that is ushering in a new generation.

A metal creation of a deer head was the piece that started it all. 

"I think something kind of switched in my mind to 'Hey, maybe this is a path, using the skills that you learned,'" said Adam Stempka. 

Adam Stempka is a welder by trade. His family owned a welding business, but the former GE employee tells me he's now living the dream, with his own businesses, Metalheads USA and Stempka Designs.

"My heart has always been into sculptures, that's what I've wanted to do. I know we need a product to bring money in, so that I could spend months doing those sculptures, and that's what Stempka Designs is," said Adam. 

Adam started Metalheads in 2017. He makes metal creations like this metal fish, designed for people to place recyclables. His work spans:

  • Schools
  • Companies
  • Even celebrities, like this movie camera signed by Gary Sinise, Andy Garcia, and a host of other Hollywood stars.

He's even created a guitar for country singer Luke Bryan.

It all starts with a design that turns into reality. He says he wouldn't be able to do it without the help of his dad, Raymond, who has been there from the start.

"I work like two shifts," said Raymond. "I come in the morning and work until the afternoon, and then come back all night. When it's fun, it's fun."

The company is growing. This is the current studio off Zwilling Road in Summit Township. It was built in 40 evenings. But, this area will be the sight of a new addition that's expected to be done in the next few months. 

That means long days and nights inside producing creations, including these metal flags the company is known for. But for Adam...

"There isn't anything I'd rather be doing than come in here," said Adam. "I'm working with my father, my son, my daughter, creating these sculptures for people that absolutely love them. It's a dream come true."