Our series, Remembering Our Veterans, continues with the story of Justin Bartoo. 

Bartoo served seven years in the U.S. Army and is now passionate about helping others in need.

After graduating from McDowell High School, Justin was commissioned into the U.S. Army as a Field Artillery Officer. He served in several leadership roles during his seven years of distinguished service.

"Serving, sacrifice, being part of protecting the freedom that we all get to experience everyday, that's the part I feel most proud of," said Justin. 

His mission now is working with the non-profit Stop Soldier Suicide and promoting mental health for veterans.

"You know often times after you finish your service you don't feel part of anything anymore, you've lost your purpose, and I think it's important to continue to support veterans and say 'hey your sacrifice is not forgotten, you've done it, you've moved on, you should be proud of what you've done,'" said Justin. 

His full-time job is with Erie Insurance, serving as a Project Manager, Leadership Coach, and Veterans Infinity Network, recently ranked 14th in the world.

"We have an internal network where veterans and non-veterans work together," said Justin. "We have about 700 members in our group, it continues to grow. It's a great opportunity to share our veterans experience with our fellow employees and those who have not served. And those who have served get to build their network." 

And for two years, he was an adjunct lecturer at Gannon University. Justin Bartoo, thank you for your service.