WASHINGTON, D.C. - In just a couple of hours, the President will give his State of the Union address. We expect him to talk about issues important to Americans, like the economy, security and coming together as a nation. 

This is the last State of the Union for Biden’s first term. Experts said this will be Biden’s moment to be the so-called “Explainer in Chief”. They said he needs to talk about major pieces of legislation he got passed in the first two years, like passing that bipartisan infrastructure bill, which impacts communities across the country, including northwest Pennsylvania. 

We caught up with Representative Mike Kelly (R- PA) and Senator Bob Casey (D- PA) before the address. Kelly said immigration and inflation and national security are some of the top issues he believes need to receive attention. 

“There's no reason for us to be in the position we're in today,” said Rep. Kelly. “This is not political for me. This is absolutely policy. And so if people listening to say he's just saying that because he's a Republican, he doesn't like Democrats. No, I'm saying because I love Americans. I don't give a darn how you vote unless you look at what is the policies that are being promoted." 

Senator Casey hopes the president to talk about enhancing the child tax credit, which is something the Senator has worked on. He hopes the president will use the address to encourage congress to pass that legislation. 

“Because in Pennsylvania, just the child tax credit alone, by enhancing the existing credit, just by having this version of the child tax credit in place, 500,000 children in Pennsylvania will benefit,” said Sen. Casey. “It's a it's an overarching win for poor families.” 

This is not supposed to be a campaign speech but rather an update to congress and the American people on Biden’s plans for our country. Going into tonight, there is a lot of energy at the Capitol. People are eager to hear from the President but something experts are looking out for is Biden's delivery. His age and competency are major factors.  

Experts said this is not necessarily a make or break speech but that it could potentially be a break speech because a lot of people are going to be watching to see if President Biden has any slip ups. The age issue is a big one and a lot of people will be watching for that gotcha moment. We will speak with congressional members after the address and will share their reaction.