Efforts to raise, remove, and restore the sunken house boat on Horseshoe Pond at Presque Isle are underway, and they're being led by local marine towing company Lake Shore Towing Services, Inc.

"So the first thing we're going to do is we'll have our dive team do a thorough underwater inspection on it," said Eric Guerrein, president and co-owner of Lake Shore Towing.

"We're going to do that tomorrow. We have to get dimensions, calculate weights of things, look for attachment points, find out what it'll take to seal it up, so that we can raise it up and pump the water out of it. Next week, we'll start working on that phase where we are going to do the preliminary work to get it ready to be raised up. And then probably the week after that we'll pick a day where the weather is good and all the equipment is available and we can actually bring it up and get it out of the water."

Guerrein says the boat's owners are aware of the issue, and his towing company is working with the owner's insurance company to raise the boat.

He adds that no one was in the boat when it sank, which they believe to have been on Tuesday.

So what actually caused the house boat to sink? Guerrein says it's too early to tell. 

"We won't know for sure until we bring it up," continued Guerrein. "I know this one has a steel barge under it so chances are there's a weld seam that cracked or some corrosion somewhere that caused a hole. But just to get it up, raised and towed to a facility where you can get it out and repaired, it's going to be a fairly expensive operation."

And Guerrein adds that this year's mild winter may have contributed to the boat sinking. 

"Usually, everything [in the pond] gets frozen and locked into position, but now, when we have these big winter storms, without the water being frozen, everything gets jerked around," said Guerrein. "These are anchored usually with chains, so the houseboats get moved around a lot, you actually get waves in there during some of these storms and things get rocking around, moving and it can cause a lot of damage."