Small Town Shelter owner Kelly Thornton loves rescuing animals.

But in recent months, it seems she's been the one needing rescue; with just her and one other volunteer taking of over 70 animals. 

"I need help," said Thornton. "It's been crazy and the calls keep coming in and it's just the adoptions or going out like they were at first."

Thornton says due to their crowded shelter, they can't take in any new cat or dog surrenders from owners, and they've had to scale back their trap and neuter program.

Along with operating Small Town Shelter out of her own home, Thornton also operates as dog control officer, for the towns of Sherman, Clymer, Mina, French Creek, and holds dogs for Ripley, and Chautauqua.

Now, all that work is catching up to her.

"I don't know what I'm doing as far as running a business, I've never done this before," continued Thornton. "I did not intend to have a business, so I'm just now getting into that part and I'm very unfamiliar. I'm learning as I go, but again, taking care of so many animals it's not giving me the opportunity to sit down and do what I gotta do."

Thornton says while volunteers of any age are welcome, she needs adults, as some of the animals she works with can have behavior issues, and she often needs another adult to supervise underage volunteers.

"I lost someone who was kind of here helping me all the time, so without that individual I've kind of falling behind," said Thornton.

"I do have a lot of youth that want to come help, which is amazing because they're our future, so I do want to get them into this, but I don't have an adult to sit here with them in case I get a dog call and I have to up and leave. I can't leave minors here."

Those interested in volunteering, adopting, or fostering animals through Small Town Shelters can reach out via their Facebook page.