Our weekly series, Remembering Our Veterans, continues with the story of how one local family had five brothers serving in World War II at the same time.

Mindy Nuber has been an elementary teacher in the Northwestern School District for 17 years. Her grandfather and his four brothers all served in World War II.

"It's an honor to carry the Styborski name, to have so many people that have fought for our country," said Mindy. "I'm very proud. The importance and the significance of it, I didn't realize until I was older when I started doing research into the family."

Her grandfather's story has inspired her to take a military history message to the classroom on Veterans Day.

"Each year I do a presentation here for the Northwestern community, we invite our veterans in and serve t hem a breakfast and then we do a little speech and I always get choked up because of everything they went through," said Mindy. "My grandfather being up there in a B24 Liberator, it could to -50 sometimes up there, and just the crammed positions, the lack of food, warm, clothing how awful it must have been but how brave." 

And there is the story of her great uncle Leo, nothing could deter his mission.

"Great Uncle Leo, I did not know him but he was a bombardier navigator, and he was responsible for dropping some of the drops over Germany," said Mindy. "On one particular mission I found through my research that his plane was shot up. So they had to ditch their plane over the Adriatic Sea and word has it, he was rescued by an Italian fisherman who was a Partisan at that time. So my Great Uncle Leo received injuries to his neck, head, knees and his back and he was temporarily paralyzed. He was actually reported missing for five days."

To the entire Styborski family, thank you for your service.