A one-woman cook for about 100 customers. One McDowell and Penn State grad puts her recipes into action in this week's Giving You the Business report. 

She cook, chops, and fills containers of her healthy recipes.

"I have customers that range from college students to elderly people and everyone in between," said Abby. "We do family-style dinners. We do little individual bowls like this." 

We captured Abby DeSantis making chicken bowls just for this segment, with fresh ingredients.

Like what's inside her Zuppa Toscana: meat, potatoes, greens, and broth.

"I actually used to pretend I was on the Food Network, and my mom would bring out the camcorder at the time, filming me make quesadillas and all that fun stuff," said Abby. 

Now she has her own kitchen to cook in for her own customers. Abby started Meals with Abs in 2021.

The business focused on making healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinners - for others.

This former bakery along State Street in Erie is where Abby makes her meals. She does all the preparation and cooking right inside.

There are certain days of the week where orders can be picked up here. She also delivers within the city of Erie.

Additionally, she's taking her culinary creativity to Erie City School students. Abby hosts cooking classes for kids three days a week during the school year.

"It's a real-world application of the skills they're learning in school. You have to be able to read in order to learn a recipe. You have to do some math. Three-quarters of a cup, you know, that kind of thing," said Karen Donnelly, Community Schools Director. "And if they need to double a recipe or cut a recipe in half, those skills come in handy."

Karen Donnelly is the Community Schools Director at Diehl, which did not have a cooking program in place.

The after school program, helps to enrich their academics.

"I always say, I love doing it because I was their age when I discovered my love for cooking, so it's just special to be a part of it," said Abby. 

One recipe at a time. 

Abby still watches Food Network, and says her favorite chef is Gordon Ramsay.

Her favorite dish to make is several different kinds of stuffed peppers.

What's more, there is no subscription to purchase her homemade meals. Order when you want, or when a menu item seems to fit.