In recognition of National Child Abuse Prevention Month, the City of Jamestown, NY came together in a powerful display of solidarity and commitment.

Local officials, law enforcement, and community leaders gathered together to jump-start community awareness leading into the month of April.

“I call upon all citizens to recognize this month, by building a narrative of hope for children and families through collaboration and creation of an ecosystem of primary prevention,” declared Kim Ecklund, Mayor of the City of Jamestown.

Mayor Ecklund's declaration set the tone for the day's events, emphasizing the city's dedication to safeguarding its children.
District Attorney Jason Schmidt followed her speech, emphasizing the importance for community involvement.

“If you see something, say something," Chautauqua County District Attorney Jason Schmidt stated. "If you are suspicious, say something. But who do you say it to? Maybe you say it to your teacher, maybe you say it to the police. Say something to an adult, say something. Do not stay quiet. Be a part of this community, we are all a part of it.”

In 2023, Chautauqua County received 2,603 reports of child abuse requiring investigation, as per the New York State Central Registry. Among these reports, 21% were substantiated by the Department of Social Services (DSS), indicating the presence of credible evidence supporting allegations of abuse or maltreatment.

Following the ceremonial kickoff this week, over 80 participants got their hands dirty, planting pinwheel gardens outside City Hall.
But the message didn't stop there.

A symbolic walk to nearby Jamestown High School ensued, where further planting took place. This extension of the initiative aimed to spread the message of child abuse prevention far and wide across the community.

Each pinwheel serves as a powerful statement, raising awareness about the critical importance of preventing child abuse and fostering safe, nurturing environments for children and families everywhere.

More events honoring National Child Abuse Prevention Month will be held throughout Chautauqua County including another pinwheel planting, scheduled for April 11th at 1:00PM at the Chautauqua County Municipal Building in Mayville, NY.

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